Introduction To AgePlay

Learn About AgePlay: Explore a Fascinating and Misunderstood Community

Are you curious about AgePlay and want to learn more? Our lessons page offers a range of resources and information to help you explore this fascinating and misunderstood kink. From understanding the motivations behind AgePlay, to exploring the roles of Bigs, Littles, and other participants, to debunking common misconceptions, our lessons page offers a comprehensive overview of AgePlay that can help you better understand this unique and fulfilling kink. Whether you’re a seasoned AgePlayer or just starting to explore this kink, our lessons page has something for everyone.

What is AgePlay?

AgePlay is consensual roleplay involving adults who take on the role of a different age to explore desires and emotions in a safe and fulfilling way


Littles in AgePlay are adults who take on childlike personas and engage in activities like playing with toys, wearing diapers, and coloring, and may be either submissive or dominant.


Caregivers in AgePlay provide care, protection, guidance, rules, and emotional support to Littles in the AgePlay dynamic, taking on nurturing or authoritarian roles.

AgePlay 101

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Adult Baby Diaper Lovers


I'm baby


Old enough to know better...


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